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The Original Buggy Bath™!

The Buggy Bath has the solution to an growing concern for customers and retailers.

Retail customers and store personnel are faced with growing concerns of dirty shopping carts and baskets. Rightfully so! These devices are covered with harmful contaminants including residual food bacteria, cold and influenza germs, common viruses and other infectious germs, infant bodily fluids and secretions, common chemicals and more!

The original Buggy Bath™ System (US patents pending) and The original Basket Bath™ System (US patents pending) offer retailers the opportunity to provide a cleaner and safer environment for patrons and employees while using environmentally friendly USDA Certified Organic Products. The machine uses state of the art technology in providing the ultimate safe and complete resolution of shopping cart contamination concerns by eliminating 99.9% of the common contaminants found on the carts including those that cause illnesses.

By utilizing The Buggy Bath™, store customers and associates will have peace of mind as they shop and work, in turn creating an overall more pleasurable and comfortable store experience!

We welcome inquiries regarding additional investors, joint ventures, licensing and distributorships.



System Advantages

  • Machines custom designed for each store “footprint” to minimize changes to the store ergonomics; therefore, lead times will vary.
  • Custom colors to match store.
  • Store’s branded logo on machine.
  • State of the art technology including an on board Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  • PLC controlled safety shutdowns, automatic start-up and cycle completion.
  • PLC controlled cycles, choosing between wash, rinse, disinfect and dry in any combination as conditions require.
  • Clean one cart or multiple carts.
  • Quiet and clean operation.
  • Attractive addition to the store with LCD monitors providing advertising opportunities with possible Revenue Sharing creating an accelerated payback period to the retailer with ongoing revenue.
  • Competitive advantage over those retailers that choose not to use our systems.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction that may lead to an increase in customers, customer visits, and longer duration of each visit.
  • Peace of mind.
Safecarts Buggy Bath
The Buggy Bath Equipment
Fight the battle against Germs & Viruses.

Fight Germs & VirusesIt’s clear that we need to everything possible to prevent the spread of disease causing viruses and bacteria through our communities and workplace. We use Zep Products that are USDA certified Organic and eliminate 99.9% of the common germs found on shopping deices. These products are effective and safe with no residual effect upon exiting the machine. Join us in the effort to decrease the spread of viruses and bacteria by using our machines in your store location today!

Don't Let These Guys Get to Your Customers, Friends or Family!

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Advertising Revenue Opportunity!

The original Buggy Bath™ offers the unique opportunity to advertise on three color LCD screens in the machine. The ads rotate and are programmed to display messages including general community information, in store daily specials or weekly ad items, local, businesses, national brands, local brands, regional brands and non-profits. This offers an advertiser an inexpensive and cost-effective way to get in front of a captive audience of potential customers entering the store prepared to buy.


Ad Display Monitors

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