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Safe Cart | Shopping Cart Sanitizing 99.9% Germ Free Cleaning System

Equipment that pays
for itself!

The The Buggy Bath System Advantage

The The Buggy Bath System is designed to provide retail customers with a safe, worry-free shopping experience for themselves and their families. When a retailer provides customers with a clean, bacteria-free cart; they are showing them that they value their health, well-being and overall satisfaction.

Advertisement DisplaysResults:  High Return on Your Investment…

The Buggy Bath™ System provides the retailer with increased customer and employee satisfaction. The system provides additional benefit in the form of possible revenue sharing with an ongoing new source of revenue.

The systems incorporate color LCD screens in the machine that are programmed to rotate messages from advertisers. The potential advertisers include in-store ads for unadvertised specials or weekly ad items, food vendors, restaurants, beverage companies, snack companies, health and beauty aid companies, local businesses, local health professionals, regional, national and international companies, and more.

A retailer able to generate revenue and provide this necessary service to the customer has the Competitive Advantage!

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