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Safe Cart | Shopping Cart Sanitizing 99.9% Germ Free Cleaning System

The Buggy Bath System is a 100% automatic cart washing and sanitizing machine. The operator simply rolls one or more carts onto the entry ramp of the machine and walks away.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
  • The cart is weighed, the doors open and the cart is pulled into the machine via conveyor.
  • The doors close and the cart is then washed, dried, sanitized and dried again depending on how the system is programmed.
  • The exit doors open and the cart emerges clean, dry and bacteria-free.

Display MonitorsWhile the cart is being cleaned and sanitized, the customer will be exposed to advertising and video clips playing on LCD monitors mounted on the top of the machine.


Store personnel have the option of washing, rinsing, sanitizing and drying the carts or any combination of these cycles through Programmable Logic Controller technology.

99.9% Germ Free

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Are you worried about the shopping carts you have to use at the store...

Are the store shopping carts clean?

Ready-To-Go Carts...

There will also be a corral of previously sanitized carts for the customer to choose from if they do not want to wait. A sign should be displayed which will inform the customer that “These Carts Have Been Sanitized For Your Protection.”

Coral of Shopping Carts

Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution...

We have partnered with ZEP Products to offer a cleaning and disinfecting solution that leaves the carts 99.9% germ and virus free.

It is USDA approved and a member of the Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP).

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